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Research Proposal: Tips to Succeed

A research proposal is a kind of assignment, which is primarily specific to higher school. In this paper, a student is expected to propose a problem or subject to research and come up with an approach and tools to tackle it efficiently. A scope of available problems is usually defined by a teacher or an academic institution. Within this range, students may have a leeway in terms of selection of a specific topic to work on.

No matter what your major is, this type of assignment is to possess some mandatory features, such as:

  • The paper should define a particular problem, set the goal to achieve and give proof of why this is important.
  • The paper should explain how the author proposes to achieve the goal.
  • The paper should demonstrate the author’s ability to reason and account for multiple relevant factors.

To cover all the above, a research proposal must have a valid structure, which includes the following sections:

  • Title page. Being the first page of the paper, it should be concise, catchy and descriptive. Its major purpose is to introduce the research topic and engage a reader.
  • Abstract. This is actually the first section of your research. Its purpose is to provide a brief overview of the problem under discussion and your proposals. Stay concise to keep this section as short as 300 words or less.
  • Introduction. This is where you have to give an overview of how the problem was previously studied and tackled. Feel free to provide references and links to those works. Then, introduce your own approach and explain why it is different and innovative.
  • Methodology. Preferably, a separate section should be dedicated to describing how exactly you are going to achieve the set goals. Also, try to show why you believe this approach is the best one.
  • Results. While final results can be discussed only once the research is completed, this section is in place to enable the author to express his/her expectations in regard to possible findings. Show your readers that you have a clear idea as to what to expect and what practical meaning this may have.
  • Discussion. This part of the paper is your chance to persuade the reader the proposed research will have positive implications. Feel free to provide your opinion, reason and support your attitude with facts and links. The discussion should result in a logical conclusion.
  • References. This is the closing section of your work. Actually, this can be just a list of sources used in your work. Make sure to give due credit to people who investigated this topic before and provided you with relevant information.

While not mastered in school, this type of assignment can be successfully completed by students who are willing to invest some time and zeal. With proper information at hand, and sticking to the structure guidelines described above, the task will not be too difficult even to first-year students. Skills developed through writing a research proposal will be helpful in your future study and work.

Tips that will help you to write a good Rogerian Essay

Have you ever heard about Carl Rogers? He was a famous American psychologist who made a new theory of argumentation. The Rogerian Essay is named after him. It gives everyone the ability to be more polite and less rude. This theory is a perfect way to show respect to the opposing site and become a peace.

This type of essays is different because it helps to find a compromise and a decision that every side of the argument will like. Are you interested in writing the Rogerian Essay? This article will help you to learn some useful tips. Some thoughts are taken here:

There are six steps to make a perfect Rogerian Essay

  1. It is necessary to think about a theme. Sometimes professors give you a topic, but usually, you are allowed to pick up a theme by yourself. You need to be sure that the topic that was chosen by you is interesting and suitable for discussion.
  2. Make an introduction. The beginning is extremely important. You should make it interesting to the reader. Do not forget to depict the problem. Explain why it is so important. Give some details that are important.
  3. Describe opinions. You need to mention the claims, reasons for every point of view, beliefs and sentiments.
  4. Describe your own opinion. Give reasons to support this point of view, write about benefits, positive details. You need to explain why this opinion is better than oppose, but be careful with it. The other side should feel comfortable with your arguments.
  5. Check on mistakes. Is it well-structured? There should be no grammar and spelling mistakes. Is your work easy to read?

Let’s talk about the structure

Every type of essay has its own structure. There is the structure of the Rogerian Essay:

  1. Introduction. Why the problem is so important?
  2. Something about opposes points of view. Why do they think like this?
  3. Your opinion. Why is it better? Remember about being polite 
  4. A conclusion. How to find a solution and come to a compromise.

Well, maybe that’s not enough. We will talk about the structure in details. Each paragraph has its own heading, but in your Rogerian Essay, you do not need to write the headings. Remember about it. Okay, now you can see the example of the Rogerian Essay.


A university degree became an important part of education these days. It is becoming less popular to go to University. More and more pupils prefer not to have a university degree because they are sure that they can become successful without it.

Oppose points

Some people believe that a university degree is not needed nowadays. For instance, such famous and successful people as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates didn’t have a university degree. And if they achieved everything they wanted, then everyone can do the same.

Your opinion

From my point of view, people need a university degree to become successful. Studying at the university makes a person intelligent and educated, an expert in his field. For example, every doctor needs a university degree to work. Without it, they cannot be successful in medicine because they are not prepared for it. No one wants to be treated by an uneducated doctor.

A conclusion

In summary, even though some people may disagree with me, I believe that a university degree is a must for success nowadays. Only a smart and educated person can reach the heights in his business.

Other useful tips

  1. Find a topic that is interesting for you;
  2. Make a poll about oppose opinions;
  3. Be neutral;
  4. Don’t forget to find a compromise.