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How to Write a Personal Statement

Personal statement reflects your personality and intelligence. Read each question and answer it thoughtfully and convincingly.

1. Understand yourself. Need to look at yourselves analytically. Clearly define your aims. Any university wants to get in students  original, interesting people.

2. Only about you. Reception committees give preference to those who discover something very personal in their personal statement. This approach is very successful in writing the statement. Share your “secret”. And to write your story wisely to answer the following questions.

What distinguishes you from others?

What in your life has been unique?

What kind of life situations or people influenced the formation of your personality?

Why are you interested in precisely this university or college?

What personal characteristics do you possess?

What are your goals in your career?

What skills do you possess?

3. Tell  your story. Tell  a true story, stick to the facts. Most personal statements cause boredom with the committee. Your goal is to write memorable personal statement. Think about your life very carefully, you can ask for help from friends and family, look personal statement examples . What in your life can prove that you are suitable for the selected area. If you’re like most people , your life do not have enough colors for an interesting story of personal statements, you can ask the professionals do it for you. They will certainly find that can be highlight in your life, and what to focus on is not worth it.

4. Pay special attention to the introduction. This is the most important part of the application. Here you can interest the reader. Here the reader will understand if he wants to finish reading until the end your statement, or do not want to read it. Necessary elements to hold the reader’s attention.

Other Necessary Points

Answer, what can you tell us about yourself in 5 minutes? The tone of the personal statement should be positive, clear and specific proposals. Avoid common cliches, be original. If you feel that you can not write what you want, you can see  personal statement examples . Or ask for personal statement help our authors.

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